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Exchange (Public Folder) Powershell tricks (applies to 2010 and 2013)

Say you have a difficult public folder structure and you have to search, for example, quota settings of a folder, in less than five seconds. 
Then do:
get-publicfolder -recurse -resultsize unlimited|where {$_.name -like "First_chars_of_thePF*"}| ft Identity,IssueWarningQuota                                                                                                       

To search based on the email address of the PF (shows lots of details!)
Get-MailPublicFolder "email.address.of.the.PF@yourdomain.com"|fl               

 Modify the quota on the PF:
Set-PublicFolder -identity "\First_level_NAME\Second_level_NAME\3rd_level_NAME" -ProhibitPostQuota 5000MB -IssueWarningQuota 4800MB

Getting some useless data about the PF and its subfolders:              
 Get-PublicFolderStatistics -identity "\First_level_NAME\Second_level_NAME\3rd_level_NAME" -GetChildren| Format-List                                                                

How your databases are called:
Get-MailboxDatabase|ft name,publicfolderdatabase  
How your public folders are called:
Get-PublicFolder \ -recurse|ft name,parentpath,replicas

User mailbox size:
Get-MailboxFolderStatistics user.name -FolderScope "Inbox" | Select Name,FolderandSubFolderSize,ItemsinFolderandSubfolders 

More fun on this subject: http://exchangeserverpro.com/reporting-mailbox-folder-sizes-with-powershell/

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