2013. május 30., csütörtök

XenServer project

Have you ever tried to create virtual machines in the CLI on a XenServer? I can assure you it can be a real pain. How the heck on earth do you attach an iso into the storage repository or why do you need to use that kickstart thingy, or whatever.
You think it's easy, just
xe sr-create name-label=Local type=iso device-config:legacy_mode=true device-config:location=/vm/iso content-type=iso 
....then copy the iso onto the server with scp, then...
xe sr-scan uuid=<SR UUID> 
xe template-list
xe vm-install new-name-label=<VM_NAME> template=<TEMPLATE NAME>
xe cd-list
 xe vm-cd-ad vm=<VM_NAME> cd-name=<NAME_ISO.iso> device=3
and finally
 xe vm-start vm=<VM-NAME>
 Hahaha. Have a look at this then.

Shorty comes the ultimate XenServer CLI VM creation howto.

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