2014. december 8., hétfő

Create a new virtual disk / disk group on a Dell PowerVault MD3220i

I've recently added two 1TB disks to a PowerVault MD3220i to be used as backup storage in a RAID1 mirror.

No pools, my setup here requires a new group.

Let's begin. Since I have two new hot-added disks, the software intelligent enough to recognize the situation.

Name the physical array and choose manual mode, just to be on the safe side.

RAID1, choose disks and don't forget to click on Calculate Capacity. Then, Finish.

YES we want to do it.

Capacity, name... and I map it to my host group right here and now.

We've done here. I don't want to create an other virtual disk since I've used up all my available disk space.
Wait approx. an hour till the new 1TB virtual disk gets ready.(See the green bar on the bottom?) (Time applies for 7200RPM SATA3 disks.)

The second part of this artice is here.

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