2015. március 23., hétfő

powershell - check if exists

Taken from various forums... can't remember where from.

do {
$testpath = Test-Path -path \\dns2\d$\test
start-sleep -s 10}
until ($testpath -eq $true)

do {
    sleep -seconds 1
    $mailboxExists = get-mailboxpermission -Identity "CN=$displayName,$DN" -User "NT AUTHORITY\SELF" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue |fw IsValid
    write-host "." -nonewline
} while (!$mailboxExists)

Import-Module ActiveDirectory
#Import CSV
$csv = @()
$csv = Import-Csv -Path "C:\Temp\bulk_input.csv"

#Get Domain Base
$searchbase = Get-ADDomain | ForEach {  $_.DistinguishedName }

#Loop through all items in the CSV
ForEach ($item In $csv)
  #Check if the OU exists
  $check = [ADSI]::Exists("LDAP://$($item.GroupLocation),$($searchbase)")
     If ($check -eq $True)
      #Check if the Group already exists
      $exists = Get-ADGroup $item.GroupName
      Write-Host "Group $($item.GroupName) alread exists! Group creation skipped!"
      #Create the group if it doesn't exist
      $create = New-ADGroup -Name $item.GroupName -GroupScope $item.GroupType -Path ($($item.GroupLocation)+","+$($searchbase))
      Write-Host "Group $($item.GroupName) created!"
    Write-Host "Target OU can't be found! Group creation skipped!"

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