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Exchange Survival Kit 3. - hardening and log searching

If your servers have any sensitive data about their services (e.g. version numbers) to hide from from the wide world then you definitely want to change some default settings. First, it's adviseble to change your default Exchange SMTP banners and HELO string to hide your long and ugly default intro string.

For the Send Connector(s):

Open your EAC - Mail Flow - Send Connectors - Select your SEND connector and click on Scoping. On the bottom, find FQDN field and fill it implicitly.

For the Receive Connector(s):

You won't be able to change your internal hostname to your FQDN because your will get an obfuscating error. The phenomenon and the solution detailed in this blog. It's a nice trick but personally I don't care about keeping the timestamp and so on. What's more, I don't think anyone care about them.
So simply open your Exchange Powershell and:
Get-ReceiveConnector|select identity,bindings
Find your connector which bound to port 25 and:
Set-ReceiveConnector <ConnectorIdentity> -Banner "220 go ahead and make my day."

Hide your client's IP 

"In practice that means if you sent an email from Outlook, Outlook Web App (OWA) or an ActiveSync-connected smartphone while on the Corporate Wi-Fi, your device’s Corporate Wi-Fi IP address will be contained in the email. If you were connected to your home Internet at the time, your (public) home Internet IP address will be in the email.
This may give a recipient, or any party snooping up the email while in transit, decent clues of the network you were connected to and the whereabouts of your staff and you. " (all credits go to Will Neumann including the pics)

Searching logs for emails

An example worth thousand words! Note the tricky subject selector expression: selects both the "robbery" subjects AND the empty subjects. (because of the -or operator)

Get-MessageTrackingLog -Server [YOUR.CAS.SERVERNAME] -ResultSize Unlimited -Recipients [your.user@domain.com] -Start "9/12/2015 08:59:59" -End (Get-Date).AddHours(-72) | where{$_.sender -like "*@sender.com"}|where{$_.eventid -like "*eceiv*"}|Where-Object {$_.MessageSubject -match "robbery" -or $_.MessageSubject -notlike ""} select eventid,sender,recipients,messagesubject,timestamp -autosize | ConvertTo-Html > "C:\reports\track.html"

It hits and displays the first AND/OR (disjunction again, my favourite operation!) second matched recipients in a GUI:

Get-MessageTrackingLog -recipients john.snow@got.com,aragorn@mordor.org | select-object eventid,timestamp,messageid,sender,recipient,messagesubject | out-gridview

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