2015. október 14., szerda

Veeam Backup & Restore 8.0 installation

I've run into this beauty recently:
[Host] Failed to install deployment service.
The Network path was not found
--tr: Failed to create persistent connection to ADMIN$ shared folder on host [Host].
--tr: Failed to install service [VeeamDeploymentService] was not installed on the host [Host].

Discussed here or here or here
Of course I had everything okay, I reached ADMIN$ share, had Remote Registry Service started and so on, all the other stuff. Found an interesting workaround:
"What happens if you deploy required packages on that server manually, and try to add it to a console afterwards? Required packages are VeeamHvIntegration.msi and VeeamTransport.msi that are located in C:\Program Files\Veeam\Backup and Replication\Backup\Packages. "
Sadly it didn't help either. Finally I got the clue here: "Creating another domain admin credentials fixes the problem."
I don't understand why in hell it failed to install with the default domain administrator but anyway, who cares. Just another a few hours to waste. So create a dedicated domain admin, e.g. veeamdeployer, with a super secure password.

Whooha, success.
My first mighty Veeam Backup backup is in progress!
File Level Restore from a Linux VM is an awesome feature from Veeam

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  1. Just a quick update for those who looking for the answer, i managed to add the hv host by putting credential in this way: servername\accountname (e.g HyperV1\Administrator and your password)

  2. easy fix...turn on file sharing on the server. its off by default when you do a fresh install of server 2012r2. thats what fixed it for me.