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APC Smart-UPS plan

Sometimes it's not easy to plan a complicated UPS shutdown and startup scheme. Here are some pictures about the settings if a SmartUPS X-3000 and its management software. The UPS itself has 3 outlets, two dedicated for servers, hosting virtual machines, and one for the network devices (switches) which always have to shuwdown last and startup first. These settings are optimized by me.

General settings

A nice graphical tool to set the processes...
...in the menu of Shutdown / Outlet sequence
How could the management host, connected to the UPS via USB, shutdown the other servers? It's not a trivial question. The answer is the default.cmd. That's executed by the management software when the general shutdown process is started. Its original content and my additions are the following:

@echo off
rem   Maximize for best viewing
rem   This command file provides examples of proper command file syntax
rem   Command Files run by PowerChute Business Edition must be placed in this directory.
rem   Use the full path name of executable programs and external command files.
rem   The @START command must be used to run executable programs (see example below).
rem   For the @START command, path names that include spaces must be enclosed in quotes;
rem   arguments for the executable must be outside the quotes.  A double quote must
rem   precede the quoted path name.  For example, to execute a command file in
rem   c:\Program Files\APC\PowerChute Business Edition\agent\cmdfiles called myShut.exe,
rem   the following line should be entered in the command file:
rem   @START "" "c:\Program Files\APC\PowerChute Business Edition\agent\cmdfiles\myShut.exe"
@echo on
NET USE \\my-backup\IPC$ MyPa$$word /USER:my\administrator
shutdown /s /m \\my-backup /c "UPS INITIATED SHUTDOWN!" /t 15

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